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FOLLOW UP — Book 1:
Accepting the Invitation of Jesus


One of the most important works of the local church is that of follow-up. This is where you help new converts and new church members with the nuts and bolts of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. In this three-book series you will learn three things:

(1) Accepting the Invitation of Jesus
(2) Accepting the Priorities of Jesus
(3) Accepting the Missions of Jesus

In only six months you can go through all three of these 100-page books. They are ideal for everyone from Junior High upward.



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FOLLOW UP — Book 2:
Accepting the Priorities of Jesus

The Christian life is a combination of learning what you should believe and how you should behave. In this volume you will explore four matters:


(1) What it means to have a know-so salvation

(2) How to master your time

(3) The best way to read your Bible, and

(4) How to pray effectively.




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FOLLOW UP — Book 3:
Accepting the Mission of Jesus

When you think of being a disciple of Jesus, you need to remember how He wants to work both in you and through you. Altogether, there are four areas where Jesus seeks to bring about spiritual transformations:


(1) In yourself

(2) In your home

(3) In your church, and

(4) In your world.

In this book you will examine each of these mission fields.



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For Living The Christian Life

Here is a collection of seven previously published small books. Together, they form the ESSENTIALS that are needed to live the Christian life successfully. This volume is designed for eager believers who want to be everything Jesus is calling them to be.