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The Only Way to Heaven:


Is there really only ONE way to heaven? According to the Bible, the answer is a strong "Yes!" In this easy-to-read book you will discover why God doesn't accept "good" people into heaven, only "forgiven" people. This book is an excellent tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation.


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The Real Christian:
And Those Who Wear Masks


While approximately 70% of the people in the United States identify themselves as Christians, a closer look reveals that maybe only 7% of that number represent genuine Christians. There are many, many imitation "believers" who are sincere, but not truly spiritual. This book will teach you how take the "mask" off pretend Christians and enable you to identify the marks that distinguish genuine Christians. 


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12 Core Beliefs


What should a Christian believe? What is core, and what is disputable? In this book you will examine the Bible's own list of twelve essential beliefs.


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3 Most Important Matters in Your Life


Many things in life are important, but only three things are more important than anything else. Once you identify these three points and take them seriously, your life will be changed forever! 


Tragedy of sin_edited.jpg

Tragedy Of Sin & The Triumph Of Grace


Two of the most important words in the Bible are "sin" and "grace." The first term explains our separation from God; the second one explains how this problem can be dramatically solved. Our sin is deep; God's grace is deeper!. 


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Spiritual Development:
Four Levels of Spiritual Growth


Do you know for sure where you are on the spiritual growth grid? Most people are a little surprised where they stand. You can learn the four levels of spiritual growth in this book and discover your own status in the process. This is a simple exercise everyone –– and I mean EVERYONE –– should take seriously.


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70 Practical Prayer Tips:
For Hungry Souls


All Christians believe in the importance of prayer, but only a small number have ever been trained in how to pray effectively. In this small handbook are seventy practical tips to help both new and seasoned Christians develop greater intimacy with the Lord. The goal in this volume is to convince Christians of their need to pray about their praying until they literally discover how to get the very content of their prayers from God himself! 


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Praying With Discernment:
Moving from Sincerity to Spirituality

In ordinary prayer, we rely on the ears of God to hear us when we pray. In extraordinary prayer we learn to rely on the mouth of God to speak to us as we listen. Deeper prayer is never just talking more and more; it is listening and discerning, too. In this book you will discover some of the common mistakes we often make in our prayers and how to overcome them.


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Great Daily Devotions


Many Christians struggle to maintain successful daily devotions. They try. They get in a rut. They need help. In this small book you will learn the five elements that can turn ordinary devotions into great daily devotions. Honest. They work! If you want your times in Bible reading and prayer to go from ordinary to extraordinary, here are the practical answers you need to move forward. 


5 reasons you can trust bible 2024_edited.jpg

5 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible


There are no less than five compelling reasons why everyone should trust the Bible: Inspiration, Archaeology, Prophecy, Reliable Manuscripts and Ethics. In this short book, you will learn some of the major reasons why Christian are justified in trusting every page in this amazing Book. 


16 ways read bible 2024_edited.jpg

Sixteen Ways to Read the Bible


There is more to reading the Bible than just picking it up and start reading. The Bible is a complicated book. Therefore, it is good to know some basic facts about reading it before you begin (or even after reading it for some time). Here are sixteen things you should know and apply to maximize your reading experience! 


hermeneutics 2024_edited.jpg

How to Approach, Visualize, Read & Study the Bible


Many people respect the Bible, but few people know how to read, study and interpret it. In this volume you will discover the prerequisites and practices for getting the most from your Bible. 


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The Five Pillars For A Strong Life:
Learn how to become strong in the Lord


There is no quick fix that will suddenly enable you to get through your trials and ordeals, but there is a formula that can help you to become truly strong in the Lord. In this book you will discover the five ingredients you must possess in order to be an overcomer. This is not magic; instead, it is practical advice you should take, like medicine. The good news is that IT WORKS! It will work for you, and it will work for the people you want to help in their tough times! Learn the formula. Follow the steps. Become stronger and stronger in the Lord.


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When Life Flips Upside Down


Sometimes life simply doesn't make sense . . . until you can see it from God's perfect perspective. In this small book you will see a variety of reasons why life sometimes flips upside down. If you're looking for a fresh way to understand tough times, here's a book to guide you into God's very own perspective. There IS hope and help when life hurts! 


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The New Covenant:
Why Christians Do Not Follow Old Testament Laws


When you read the Old Testament, you are confronted with exactly 613 laws from Moses. Are Christians obligated to keep some or all of these rules? In this book you will discover that all of these laws (unless repeated in the New Testament) are no longer binding on God's followers. These insights are crucial for Christians to recognize.


america has shipwrecked 2024_edited.jpg

America Has Shipwrecked: 
She Ignored God's Lighthouse


The American culture, along with many churches, has fallen from morality, to immorality, to amorality, to depravity. The best explanation of what has happened can be located in the Bible -- Romans 1:19-32. In this book you will see how God responds when people commit the world's three worst sins! 


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Building My Christian Library


Do you really need a Christian library? It depends. Do you want to grow spiritually? Do you want to know your Bible better? Do you want find and follow God's will? If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, then you will need a Christian library. In this volume you will discover the most important books you should own and use. 


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