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Thinking Biblically:
Learning What The Bible Says About Its Major Subjects

Everyone should know what the Bible teaches regarding its most important subjects like these: The Holy Bible, God Almighty, The Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Mankind, Sin, Salvation, Church, Angels, Prophecy, and more. In this book are hundreds of Bible quotations that address each of these topics.


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Amazing Truths:
About the Holy Bible, God Almighty, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Creationism, Sin, Salvation, the Kingdom of God, Church, Angels, Prophecy, and more!

One of the most important books you will ever own is a volume that collects the most amazing truths in the Bible and organizes them around ten major headings. This book does just that. In language everyone can easily grasp, the primary themes of the Bible are unfolding from Genesis to Revelation. This is a readable reference book that you will be certain to use for decades.


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From Eternity To Eternity:
A Chronological Blueprint For All Of Time

In this book, you will examine (1) Pre-time/Divine Time, (2) Angelic Time, (3) Human Time, and (4) New Heaven and New Earth Time. You will make a quick flyover of all time. This will enable you to see the really big picture of God and His plans. Perhaps now, for the first time, you will be able to connect the dots of eternity and time.


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