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Your 1st Step as a Christian:
Accepting a Personal Mentor


Every newborn Christian needs a well-trained mentor to be assigned to them. Additionally, every spiritual infant needs baby food to nourish them. In this book the mentor and the baby food are brought together in twenty-four vital lessons of intentional discipleship.



2nd step - Discipleship.jpg

Your 2nd Step as a Christian:
Accepting the Invitation of Jesus


The most profound invitation you will ever receive will come from Jesus Christ when he invites you to join him as one of his disciples! This opportunity, if you will acceept it, will dramatically change your life! It will also change the lives of the people Jesus uses you to impact!



3rd step - Discipleship.jpg

Your 3rd Step as a Christian:
Accepting the Priorities of Jesus


When the PRIORITIES of Jesus become your own priorities, you can be certain your life will change dramatically! It isn’t enough to say, “I believe in Jesus.” You must also want Jesus to believe in you! And that doesn’t happen until you align your will with the will of God! This is your first priority!



4th step - Discipleship.jpg

Your 4th Step as a Christian:
Accepting the Missions of Jesus


The entire world is both confused and corrupt. It is lost! But it doesn’t have to stay that way. When you follow Jesus, you will learn how to make a difference –– an eternal difference –– in people’s lives! When you accept the MISSIONS of soul winning and soul building, you will impact people at the deepest level possible!



Advanced101 - Discipleship.jpg

Your Advanced Step as a Christian 101:
My Personal Journey with God


Some people see trees; others see the entire forest! In this book you will envision the larger picture of the entire Christian life in a profound journey from conversion to consumation! Here are thirty-nine steps to keep you on the path that ultimately leads you to heaven!



advanced201 - Discipleship.jpg

Your Advanced Step as a Christian 201:
Intentional Discipleship


Discipleship at its best is always INTENTIONAL! Some people are content to sip on spiritual milk their entire lives. But when a follower of Jesus Christ resolves to live wholly for him every day, he will not only learn how to be fully devoted, he will also discover how he can become fully developed as well!



advanced301 - Discipleship.jpg

Your Advanced Step as a Christian 301:
Developing Church Elders


This final step is only for those disciples who sense God is calling them to some form of spiritual LEADERSHIP. In the New Testament there are seven types of leaders who serve under the broad umbrella of “eldership:” apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, leaders and administrators.



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