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30 Interactive Daily Devotions about God Almighty

This is a one-month daily devotional for people who are eager to explore and discover spiritual truths about God. In approximately 20-30 minutes a day you can improve your spiritual life significantly!


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One Day at a Time: 30 Interactive Daily Devotions about JESUS CHRIST


The most important person you will ever get to know is Jesus Christ. In this thirty-day devotional book you will explore the mysterious identity of Jesus as the eternal Son of God! You will discover how he is alive today and still changing lives!


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One Day at a Time: 30 Interactive Daily Devotions about THE HOLY SPIRIT


The "One Day at a Time" series is a daily devotional workbook for serious Christians who want to grow in their faith. These devotions give you a lesson to ponder, Scripture passages to look up in your Bible, thought-provoking questions to answer in depth, and guidelines for daily prayer. If you are interested in exploring spiritual truths day after day, then this is the series for you!


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God's Five Callings for Every Man:
How to be a Man, a Husband, a Father, a Churchman, and a Witness for God:


It is one thing to be a "man," but it is wholly a different thing to be a "man of God!" In this devotional workbook you will discover God's five major callings on your life, and you discover them in a daily devotional format.


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God's Five Callings for Every Woman


When God speaks into a woman's life, first He speaks to her about her own heart. Then, He talks to her about her husband, children and church. Lastly, the Lord will discuss with her the role she is to play in the world. Five areas. One hundred messages. One holy walk!


MIRACLES Cover.jpg

Miracles Are Real: 
My Personal Story


One experience with God is better than one thousand explanations about God! In this small book you will read twenty-five short stories of God's supernatural activities in the author's life. You will also be encouraged in practical ways to trust God in your own life. Miracles are real, and they are happening today! 


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Grandpa's Favorite Bible Verses:
Grandkids, I want you to know these verses better than any others!

I love my grandchildren. I want them to be safe and happy, like any Grandpa would want. But I desire more than that. It is my strongest prayer for my beautiful grandkids to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. More than that, I want them to live their entire lives to honor God as their highest joy and priority. So, I have written this small book for them with the hopes and prayers that they will do something similar when they have their own grandkids! Maybe your grandchildren need to hear Grandpa’s favorite Bible verses, too!


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TRUTH 1: The World Is Confused and Corrupt Because It Rejects God's Truth


TRUTH FROM GOD is the only weapon that is capable of exposing and expunging all of the confusion and corruption in our world. In this volume you will discover the five specific areas where Truth is most seriously challenged and how we must deal with it. 


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Truth 2: The Truth Teaches Us What We Should Believe

Imagine a world without a compass –– there would be no North, South, East or West! Navigation would be impossible. Now imagine a world without Truth –– no one would know what we should BELIEVE or how we should BEHAVE! A world without Truth is a world full of confusion and corruption! In Truth 2 we will examine the two most important facts we should BELIEVE:

• The unique nature of Jesus Christ - he is both Divine and human

• The unique nature of the Bible - it is both Divine and human


truth 3.jpg

Truth 3: The Truth Teaches Us How We Should Behave


Without a knowledge of the Truth, the world will become only more confused and corrupt. However, with a firm knowledge of the Truth we discover what we should BELIEVE and how we should BEHAVE. In this book we will examine the most important rules God has created for us to follow:


• Rules involving our relationship with God

• Rules involving our relationship with ourself

• Rules involving our relationship with our family

• Rules involving our relationship with our church, and

• Rules involving our relationship with our world


Knowing and following these LOVE-LAWS are certain to make everyone's life better!


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Face to Face with God: Seventy Meetings with the Lord:


For more than ten years I was a pastor . . . then it happened! The Lord confronted me. He was firm. And He was loving. But He wasn't pleased. He wanted me to change. He wanted me to stop my addiction to the WORK of the Lord, and to become addicted instead to the LORD of the work! For the next nine months the Lord called me to spend time with him -- intimate time. After approximately nine months, my spiritual "boot camp" was over. That was more than 25 years ago, and yet it is as fresh as yesterday. In this devotional book I want to share with you some of the basic lessons I needed to learn about living spiritually.


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